The WWE struck gold, hit a grand slam, scored a touchdown, and hit a slam dunk with AJ Styles. He deserves a big push going into WrestleMania season, especially after putting up with the James Ellsworth storyline. The showcase of immortals could be a crowded night up and down the card, and Styles can’t get lost in the shuffle.

Cena-Taker, Rollins-HHH, Lesnar-Goldberg are all very possible and could take up a big chunk of the card. Where will AJ fit in to the plans on the road to WrestleMania?

Here is a swerve to solve a couple problems: AJ Styles enters the Royal Rumble at #30 and wins as WWE champion. He challenges Kevin Owens (I hope) for the Universal title at WrestleMania. There is a rumor that Vince wants him on Raw so here is how we get there.

The biggest night in WWE history

AJ needs to walk out of the Rumble as WWE champion and the Royal Rumble winner. He can enter the Rumble match at #30 and win taking limited punishment. If not, we can see something we’ve never seen before. Prior to the 30th entrant to the Rumble match, all 29 men have already been eliminated. The fans now know that the next person to come out has won the Rumble and will main event WrestleMania.

When the buzzer hits, we hear AJ Styles theme fire up and he wins without taking a shot. Somehow he gets a bigger pop for his second Royal Rumble, than he did last year. His match with Taker follows. Cheats to beat the Undertaker and walk out of the Royal Rumble with the biggest night in WWE history.

The following Tuesday on Smackdown he cuts a promo and says since he’s the champ that runs the camp, he wants to run both camps and challenges Kevin Owens.

After Owens accepts the challenge and the match is on, AJ drops the WWE title at the Elimination Chamber. He walks in to WrestleMania as a Smackdown contracted superstar going after a Raw championship. If he wins the Universal title, he’s told he can’t take it to Smackdown with him and must sign with Raw. AJ beats Owens at WrestleMania and begins his run on Raw as the Universal champion.

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