The All-NBA teams were released Thursday afternoon and two very important names were left off the list: Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Neither was incredibly deserving of a spot on the list, but there are repercussions this offseason for them not making an All-NBA team.


They are now no longer eligible for a 200 million dollar plus max deal from their teams this offseason under the new collective bargaining agreement. For George, this gives him even more of a reason to leave the Indiana Pacers and head to the beaches of Los Angeles to play for the Lakers.

There had already been several rumors throughout the year that George would be joining the Lakers, and George did not make an effort to shut down the rumors. George is also going to be working out with Kobe Bryant this offseason. It would be a little ridiculous to think that the only thing they will be talking about is the workout.

Another option for George is for him to stay in Indiana for another season with the hopes of making an All-NBA team next season. If he does, then he will be eligible for a super deal in 2018. Hayward, of course, could do the same thing with the Utah Jazz next season.

The Jazz are now unable to give Hayward a super deal, and that means other teams can possibly match any offer that the Jazz give him. One team that is going to be very interested in Hayward this offseason is the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are one star player away from being considered a ‘super team’. Hayward is not as high-profile as George or Jimmy Butler, making him an easier target in free agency as well.

Utah had a great season this year, finishing with a 51-31 record in the regular season and making it to the second round of the NBA playoffs. The Jazz have a solid mixture of young and veteran talent, and they will be a team competing for a top-three spot in the Western Conference next year, assuming Hayward stays. However, money does talk in this league, so it is not guaranteed he will.

Erich Fisher is a Staff Writer that covers the NBA for The Sports Blaze. Follow him on Twitter – @ETFisher24