While the NBA waits for a possible Carmelo Anthony trade, the trade deadline itself is in the news.

As part of a series of changes approved by the NBA on Wednesday, next year’s trade will move up to February 8, 2018 – a full two weeks earlier than usual.

There are some logical reasons behind the change. Even though the date is moving up, the date of the season is moving up as well. Analysts expect the season to start about a week earlier than usual, so teams will not be pulling the plug on their season any earlier, necessarily.

But there is a chance that this could create a quieter trade deadline. For starters, more teams will feel like they are still alive for a playoff berth. That means less sellers and more buyers – and therefore, less big trades.

Injuries will also not play as much of a part in team personnel movement, since there will be less opportunities for players to get injured (both because of the deadline and the effort to space out back-to-back games).

Trade chatter could also wane because of a more human issue, though. The trade deadline will now fall well before the All-Star break, instead of directly afterwards.

Historically, the All-Star break was an opportunity for general managers to be in the same place, creating trade conversation. Just this year, the DeMarcus Cousins trade materialized at the All-Star Game.

Now, team personnel executives will not have the same opportunity to get together before the deadline passes. Trade facilitation is going to be even harder, even if teams pick up the phone to do business instead.

Other changes voted on, according to the NY Daily News, hamper timeout usage and free throw lollygagging, looking to speed up the pace of play.

This one might slow down the excitement of the trade deadline.

Holden Walter-Warner is an NBA and college basketball columnist at TheSportsBlaze.com. Follow him on Twitter — hwalterwarner.

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