The Los Angeles Clippers did what they should have done game one in game two and took advantage of the fact that Rudy Gobert was not playing for the Utah Jazz. L.A. outscored Utah 60-38 in the paint.

Both Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordon had a field day against the much smaller Jazz frontcourt in the team’s 99-91 win. Griffin had 24 points and took advantage of the much smaller defenders he had on him like Joe Johnson.

No one was able to keep Jordon in check. Without a rim protector, the Jazz had no answer for Jordon’s rim-running abilities and the presence he demands in the paint. He had 18 points and 15 rebounds.

Despite a lack of paint presence, Utah still managed to stay within arms length of L.A. They cut the deficit to as much as three in the second half and were a three away from making the game very interesting.

Chris Paul continued his clutch play in the fourth quarter of this series. He scored seven points towards the later stages of the game to keep the Jazz at bay.

Utah’s start to this game was their downfall. They finished the first quarter already down 11 points with the Clippers coming out with high intensity to grab a 29-18 lead after the first. Utah then went on to outscore L.A. in the three remaining quarters.

Gordon Hayward and George Hill both struggled shooting the ball. They shot a combined 10-27 from the field. Johnson still did well off the bench, scoring 13 points in the game, but was taken advantage of in the power forward spot defensively.

This game goes to show how much the Jazz really do need Gobert. Without him, they have no answer for the Clippers’ frontcourt and also lose a majority of their scoring in the paint. Gobert is hopeful to play later on in the series, but as of now, Utah needs to put together a team effort in the paint on both ends if they do not want to have a repeat of game two.

Erich Fisher is a Staff Writer that covers the NBA for The Sports Blaze. Follow him on Twitter at @ETFisher24