Our Story!

Outside Pitch Sports Network, founded by Vince Lombardi Jr. and Andrew Vigliotti back in the winter of 2013, which aims to provide professional sports content on a number of levels: Writing, photos, sports radio and discussion through social media. Our vision is to grow into a network that doesn’t just supply the news, but provides opinionated thoughts within news pieces to separate us from the rest. In addition, we like to separate ourselves by communicating with our fans through Social Media. The big networks receive millions of tweets, but never respond. We embrace our fans’ comments and discussions and respond back to grow our brand.

Our goal is to grow into a full-scale sports network that provides great writing, broadcasting content on a daily basis. We have produced coverage at MLB, Minor League and the Winter Meetings. Come join us for the ride as we continue to grow our talented network. We’d love to have you a part of our community.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Outside Pitch Sports Network by choosing either Vince Lombardi Jr. or Andrew Vigliotti

Vince Lombardi Jr. – Co-Founder, CEO, Outside Pitch Sports Network

Email: Vincent@OutsidePitchSports.com

Andrew Vigliotti – Co-Founder, President, Outside Pitch Sports Network

Email: Andrew@OutsidePitchSports.com